Performance Remapping


Performance remapping can be carried out on the majority of modern vehicles. This can increase bhp and torque by as much as 50% depending on the vehicles standard factory tuning. Prices start from £250 and can be carried out in one day with no physical modifications undertaken or necessary.

Most vehicles are reprogrammed through the OBDII port, although this can differ from car to car, depending on ecu type, age etc.

The vehicle will undergo a diagnostic fault code scan before and after and in many cases data logging is carried out before and after to ensure correct operation of the vehicle. We will not carry out a remap on a car that has mechanical deficiencies preventing it from reliably coping with the extra performance, but will be glad to advise and if necessary carry out any required repairs to make it ready for the remap. Please contact us for further information regarding your vehicle, ideally providing us with make and model, engine, year of manufacturer, and standard power to hand.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning


Many modern diesel vehicles are now equipped with a diesel particulate filter (commonly known as DPF as FAP). These are necessary to adhere to the ever more stringent EU emissions standards. Although manufacturers like to suggest that these can last the lifetime of the vehicle, it is becoming an all too common occurrence for them to fail by becoming completely blocked. This results in rough running as the vehicle unsuccessfully tries to regenerate the filter, and normally results in the vehicle going into limp mode, which makes then dangerously underpowered in most cases. Needless to say a blocked filter badly impacts economy also.

There are a number of reasons why the filters become blocked, but the main reason is because the vehicle is being used mainly for stop-start town driving, and therefore is unable to successfully complete the filter regeneration. The other major contributing factor towards premature DPF failure is due to a failed or failing EGR valve, thus allowing too much exhaust gas to enter the intake manifold and ultimately overwhelming the filter to the point that it becomes irreparably blocked.

We can offer a service to clean the DPF without removal and repair/replace the EGR valve if required.

More detailed information regarding the DPF is available at the wiki site

The above can of course be carried out in conjunction with a performance remap, and can also help release yet more bhp and torque, better mpg is also often achieved due to improved engine breathing.

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